10 Factors Most Likely To Influence Your Sale

Dated: 09/15/2016

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Selling Tips

10 Factors Most Likely to Influence Your Sale  

There are many factors which influence a sale. The following checklist of items will bring you closer to a sale. By carefully following this advice will bring you closer to a sale.

1. Price the property right. Trying to ask significantly more than the home is worth will turn off buyers which will result in fewer showings.

2. Be willing to consider offers with VA/FHA financing. Government loans give many buyers  the ability to afford a home.

3. Allow the property to be shown with or without an appointment! That’s a nuisance, but not as bad as being on the market for 6 months!

4. Please be gone whenever a prospective buyer, accompanied by a Realtor®, wants to see the house–and stay away until they’re gone! Buyers need to “try it on for size”, but they can’t do that as long as you are there.

5. Eliminate any barrier to a free flow of traffic in the property. Eliminate bulky or extra furniture, house plants that stick into traffic ways, put away toys or clothes, eliminate clutter. Too much in one space can make rooms feel smaller and look darker.

6. Neutralize any pet odors by cleaning carpets and/or getting a high quality air cleaner. Be sure to clean the kitty box frequently.

7. Your Realtor® is on your side and won’t get paid until you get results. Advice from a professional is useless unless you take it!

8. Stage the front of your house. Size it up objectively and critically and ask yourself this question: If a buyer pulled up in front, would the appearance pull them inside? Painting the front door and adding fresh mulch to the beds can make a huge difference in curb appeal.

9. Make any and all recommended improvements.  Fix anything that is obviously broken. Buyers judge how well you have maintained the home so you do not want to give them any reason to think you have not kept up with needed repairs. 

10. Carefully consider any offer. It is normal for a buyer to try to get the best deal they can for your home, don't be offended, your agent can help you come back with a reasonable counter offer. Remember, you are the final judge of what’s accepted and what’s not!

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